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WhiteCoats is the perfect blend of networking and collaborations for physicians as well as the medical communities. The aim is to help the doctors achieve clinical effectiveness with professional success.

Research papers constitute a major portion of your daily reads for continuous learning. On the WhiteCoats digital platform, we give them to you as Byte Sized Journals which give you important insights in just a minute.

But that’s not all that Byte Sized Journals deliver. Together with the research articles, we also provide updates from the healthcare industry, medico-legal news, information relevant to your patients, tips to improve your practice, and much more. All of this specially summarized for you to read in just one minute!

The articles we provide aside from the research updates include:

Medicolegal Updates

It is vital that you know the legal happenings in the medical community. You must be aware of cases of medical negligence, new laws that are passed, etc. With Medicolegal updates, we give you all that and more.

These updates give you valuable insights so that you can focus on the best practices that can be adapted to prevent cases of negligence. The complex new laws passed are simplified into easy to read one-minute articles that highlight the important changes made. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)


DIY or Do It Yourself tips are a rage these days. A step-by-step guide on topics which will help make your practice more effective. These include:

* Personal Brand Building

* Marketing tips on digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

* Handling Finances

* Important leadership skills

When these methods are incorporated into your day-to-day practice, it will help you be more effective and garner additional patients. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

Drug Updates

Updates on the new and latest drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, ongoing clinical trials, and pipelined drugs are all available on WhiteCoats.

We give you the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug interactions, mechanism of action, therapeutic dosage, and adverse effects of the drug as a simple one minute read. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

Health Tips

On WhiteCoats, you get not only information that helps you but also your patients too. We provide articles mentioning detailed health tips that you can share with your patients. These involve tips such as:

* Ways to beat seasonal flu

* Benefits of certain foods

* Importance of meditation, etc. to name a few (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

Industry Updates

These specially mapped articles give you specialty-driven content from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. These keep you updated with the latest happenings in your field. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

International News

International organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), International Medical Council (IMC), Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), etc. may release new guidelines which you may not be aware.

On WhiteCoats, we ensure you never face such a situation as we give you the latest news from the top International organizations. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

Medical Updates

Several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies release medical updates and learning content, especially for doctors. With Byte Sized Journals we give you content from these companies in a format that can be read and understood within a minute. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

Policies and Politics

Keeping track of the latest health policies implemented by the government is essential. A health policy refers to the decisions, plans, and actions that are undertaken by the government to achieve specific healthcare goals. However, reading through the entire policy can take up quite a bit of your time. Byte-Sized Journals give you a gist of the entire policy in a concise form which can be easily absorbed in a minute. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

Technology Updates

Continually adapting to the changing landscapes of technology is quite important for every doctor. This involves the application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures, and systems developed to solve a health problem and improve the quality of lives.

Pharmaceuticals, devices, procedures and organizational systems used in health care are important aspects for those in the medical industry. With our Technology Updates, we cater to you just this in easy and engaging articles. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

Treatment Protocols

Adhering to the set guidelines is important for all practicing physicians. Treatment Protocols provides a fixed set of rules/steps that need to be followed by a healthcare practitioner from the diagnosis to the treatment plan of a disease condition in just a minute. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

Treatment Options

In this category of Byte-Sized Journals, we give you treatment options for disease conditions that include:

* Medications

* Nutritional Changes

* Relaxation Techniques

* Emotional Support, along with other therapies (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

Clinical and Non-Clinical Surveys

Every week we run surveys on pressing issues in the doctors’ community. The insights obtained from these surveys are then published on the WhiteCoats app and website along with an interesting and detailed infographic representations of the data, to help you understand the matter better (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

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