Immunotherapy- Safe for Cancer Patients with COVID-19

3D rendered Illustration of T-Cells of the immune System attacking growing Cancer cells.

Preliminary findings from a study show that immunotherapy for cancer patients for COVID-19 is considered safe and it doesn’t worsen the complications. This data has been brought to light by Layne Weatherford, Ph.D., one of the scientists working on the COVID-19 research. COVID-19 complications result from an overcharged immune response that leads to an increased production of proteins called cytokines. An increase in the production of these can cause issues like respiratory failure.

Patients with cancer are more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection as well as severe complications that arise from it. Research is on-going in patients but the initial findings show that immunotherapy doesn’t necessarily impact the patient or worsen it. This study is conducted using blood samples from patients with cancer taken from the UC COVID-19 biorepository. The results the study shows is promising but additional and better research is required with the hope that one-day cancer patients with complications can be treated with metformin or a similar drug.

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