Current COVID-19 drugs being used in India

Around 5 drugs have either been approved by the government to use or are in the final stages of clinical trials. 

With the scaring rise in COVID-19 cases every day, India is all in to find a solution to teat the deadly novel virus. Several states in India are reporting a new high in the number of COVID-19 cases.

Currently, the government of India has approved around 5 drugs for either a go-ahead or for clinical trials. Three of these medicines have already been approved by the DGCI while the other two are in the final stages of a trial. 

Recently India recorded the third-highest single day hike taking it up the third place in the ladder of the highest number of COVID-19 cases, trailing behind USA and Brazil. 

The 5 drugs include:

Tocilizumab: An immunosuppressive drug known to treat arthritis. Usually, in the form of a monoclonal antibody, the drug is being tried on severe COVID-19 patients. 

Itolizumb: A first-class humanized IgG1 monoclonal antibody, the drug selectively targets CD6 and helps in maturing T cells. Currently, the drug is being used in both Mumbai and Delhi. 

Cipremi: A remedesivir, the medicine is a lyophilized powder marketed by both government and market channels. Currently, the drug has been approved for the use in adults and pediatric patients.

FabiFlu: Global trails have shown that this cost-effective drug has efficacy of 80-88%. Currently Japan, UAE and Bangladesh are already using teh drug. The drugs are available through both hospital and retail channels. 

Covifor: An injectable drug, is currently being used in hospitals under the supervision of healthcare clinicians.