Two Potential Vaccine Candidate against COVID-19 from Australia Can Be Next Big Thing

In the global race to find a potential vaccine against COVID-19, Australia has joined with its two potential vaccine candidates being tested in the lab for efficacy. The research is being carried out at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). The scientists are not only looking at the efficacy of the potential vaccine candidates but also for the best way of administration that can help increase the bioavailability. This includes innovative approaches like nasal spray or conventional approaches like an intra-muscular injection. 

“We have been studying SARS CoV-2 since January and getting ready to test the first vaccine candidates as soon as they are available,” 

“We are carefully balancing operating at speed with the critical need for safety in response to this global public health emergency,” 

– Professor Trevor Drew, Director AAHL 

The testing will take approximately three to four months to complete. The entire research is carried out in a high-end biosafety containment area of CSIRO facility at AAHL (Australian Animal Health Laboratory). CSIRO has always been ahead in partnering its efforts with a global organization to overcome the potential challenges posed by disease outbreaks. In light of this, CSIRO has partnered last year with CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), an international group that focuses on countering the epidemics through preparedness and speedy development of robust vaccine candidates.