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Medical Updates | WhiteCoats
Medical Updates
Sorting through the academic journals and multiple online sources to find relevant and accurate updates can be quite daunting. WhiteCoats delivers highly curated and personalized updates that impact your practice and improve patient care. Engage with concise summaries of research and news to stay informed on the latest advances in medical literature and from medical conferences
Secure Messaging | WhiteCoats
Secure Messaging
Patient care and experience can be greatly enhanced with effective and timely communication between physicians. WhiteCoats provides a secure and real time messaging environment made exclusively for healthcare use, that makes communication simple and efficient
Professional Social Network
Professional Social Network
Staying connected with a community of peers allows your experiences to be more productive with less effort. WhiteCoats is a network of verified practitioners where you can connect safely, and interact instantly with other like minded practitioners with a commitment to continuous sharing and learning
Case Rooms | WhiteCoats
Case Rooms
Case discussions and questions on clinical issues require the focus and attention which are not provided by the traditional messaging applications CaseRooms allow for separate threads to be created when discussing multiple cases and maintains the history of all the relevant case related communication
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